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Services That We Offer Are As Follows

Spot Sale 

This spot sale is an alternative in which grain is sold for immediate shipment at current prices. This alternative is suitable if one believes grain prices will continue to decline.


  • Very simple approach to grain marketing. 
  • Provides prompt payment for grain.
  • Allows one to capture favorable prices in markets that are trending lower.
  • Eliminates storage and interest costs.
  • Eliminates the risk of quality deterioration 


  • Does not allow the seller to benefit if prices improve in the future.
  • Does not allow the seller to capture favorable carrying charges when available in the market.
  • Does not allow the seller to benefit from basis appreciation in the market.

Delayed Price Contract

The seller delivers grain to the receiver and is issued a delayed pricing contract. The seller can price the grain in the future at his/her discretion up until the final delayed pricing date. Normally the issuer of the contract will assess a monthly service charge that is comparable to monthly storage rates. The title of the grain passes to the receiver upon delivery of the bushels.



  • Allows the seller to price the grain at a later date and benefit if the market rallies. 
  • This alternative may eliminate the sellers risk of quality deterioration of stored grain.
  • It allows for the elevator to move stored grain freeing up space for future harvests.



  • Does not provide payment until the contract is priced. 
  • Provides no protection to the seller of grain in the event the market declines prior to pricing.
  • The seller generally will pay a monthly service charge for this contract.

Grain Storage

Storage allows you to deliver grain to our elevator while maintaining ownership. We warehouse your grain, guaranteeing the quality of the grain. Grain and quality premiums and discounts will be established at the time of delivery, and your weights and grades will be put into our accounting system under your name. The charge is $0.05 per bushel per month.



  • You maintain title to the grain 
  • Quality risk transfers to Golden City Grain & Cotton
  • You can avoid selling at historically low prices
  • Stored grain may be sold at a later date with a telephone call, not subject to weather, etc.

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